Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should I start this up again?

Even after a long time of not posting, I still walk around writing posts in my ahead. The biggest problem is getting sucked into spending too much time on the internet, but that isn't exactly a good excuse because it happens already. Really, if I do start to post here again I should think of it as a way to keep me away from other inane internet loopholes (like facebook) and document my life in Madison. I'd like to be a little more deliberate about things I post, and start to use tags, like making "Things I Love" a regular feature. And posting photos, and talking about recipes, events, etc.

Blogger feels so old and out of date, but I can't leave it after 8 years of goodness to me, so I will stay.


Blogger meg said...

yes kristy, you blog there in madison, i'll blog here in LA! it'll be great!

5:04 PM  

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