Saturday, July 02, 2005

so i made it to anchorage. staying at the anchorage house, which is amazing and comfortable. kids come on sunday. i'm slightly nervous, but super excited. nicole and lori drove up to seattle (my flight was planned for 8:38pm) and we went shopping before I took off. my first time ever at ikea! wow. i was good and only bought one item. it's so cute. a mini bbq, and on sale too (ikea sale until july 4th). then to the brand new seattle outlet mall. i bought a leather wallet from Tumi and a little leather bag thing. good purchases. my first wallet ever was the uofc wallet we got for free during oweek, and i'm still using it even though it's ripped and stuffed with cards. i'm glad for these two needed upgrades. i left them back home though, so i'll have a surprise to come back to. and also the raw silk simple and elegant jessica mcclintock wedding dress. i'm so excited to return to it in a month and try it on again. and to show paul (traditions thrown aside we are planning everything together). after spending spending spending for three weeks i'm now in a month of saving.

OH! and a call today from my manager to confirm that i will be getting benefits (including excellent health insurance) when i work for trimet for 6 months. at a good payscale too. lots to look forward to. lots to save for.

tomorrow i have the day off. possibly going to the girdwood forest fair. or just relaxing and confirming wedding plans.