Friday, August 30, 2002

snuggle up to crater lake.
and 1812 with REAL cannons.
so there.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

i'm at parker's.
i love parker.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Yah the movie. And Pi.
Sleeping on the front porch. Next to my dear old (51) moma. But I claim it for the rest of the week!
Missed you tonight Nick, maybe we're not n*sync.
21 hours until my soul mate.
Wahcleella Falls. Multnomah Falls, crown point, sturgeon, fish viewing at the ladder, and of course the big Eagle Creek.
Welcome to Oregon!

Friday, August 23, 2002

The Minolta Maxxum 5 with Minolta 28-80 lens, UV lens, 2 extra batteries and a 7 year warrenty, all two day express.
Big bucks I tell ya. But it'll be here Monday!
Iceland research day.
Pied Cow with Brad.
An almost family. fast-talking. embarassing dinner.
1/3 of my sister's birthday dinner, thank you I did the cooking. no thanks though.
Jared Anthony Brad and I around the candeled table. Spades. I suck and I know it..
Memories of boys.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I saw it tonight. With Anthony. After taking him out to a birthday dinner (happy 21!) of Thai food (our favorite!) we went to the good old Oak Grove 8 and saw xXx for free. It was so much better than I expected. I mean, I've been wanting to see this movie for a very long time--from the second I saw the previews months ago. But this was way better than I thought it would be!! Oh the adrenaline. Oh the excitement. Get to the movie theatre and watch this movie!
Sometimes you just have to let people go. And know that no matter how much effort you put in, it may just be a lost cause.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Katherine gone
My best friend has left. I just saw her off at Union station to catch her train to Minneapolis. I won't be seeing her until Christmastime. No fair.
Brad is coming tomorrow?
Paul is coming this week?
I'm ready to smile again. :o)
Should I buy it? I have everything already filled out and am just ready to press the purchase button. ahhhhhhhhh. a hard choice~!
Minolta Maxxum 5 35mm SLR Camera Kit with 28-80mm Lens
Update on the Hwim
Ok, I’ve decided that the hwim is not able to be fully described online. Cuz it’s a secret hwim that no one else should no about unless given permission. But what it entails is rock climbing, jumping off cliffs, walking across logs, friendship, guts, swimming in brrcold waters, and hiking.

I visited my grama this past Friday-Tuesday. It’s been way too long (ten whole months!) since I’ve been at the ocean visiting her. I can’t believe that I’ve gone that long without being at the coast. That’s definitely the longest in my lifetime, and it sure was draining. I need that time by the crashing waves, walking along the beach, looking up at the cliffs, the clouds rolling in.

Hole in the doughnut
Lemonade for sale! concentrate. Forgot the water, oops.
I love my sissy.
Come on! I want to fight! Punch me. Hit me. Ok good.
The world traveler.
Hugs and kisses to all my relatives.
PLEASE don’t go to Utah!
party on my mind.
Crying cuz of missing the wedding. I’m sorry Ryan.

Sum More Readin
I felt like a little girl again—all wrapped up in a blanket, in my pajamas (even though it was noon) snuggled into a corner of the couch in the living room. My favorite spot. Giant picture windows looking out at the surf and over at Neahkahnie Mountain. I glanced up occasionally, but really I was more focused on my reading. After finishing Anna Karenina a few days back I am on a reading spree (while I can!, it ended today).

Monday, August 19, 2002

At the library using the internet. Quick.
It is gorgeous. I say that too much, but I mean it,really.
Paul called yesterday, I missed his call. Here's my sister's interpretation/message to me: "mumble mumble, I bought a ticket,mumble, I'll call on Thursday" (to come to Portland to visit). So it's all still a mystery. ;o)
the ocean the stars. my loving grama. aunt Betty and uncle Tom. my parents.
and reading three books.

Friday, August 16, 2002

I went for a hwim today. With Sarah and Kate. Beyond words the beauty of it. Ill have to blog about it more later. As it is right now I dont have much time since its super late. I got an email from India today! Composing a reply back is what kept me from blogging much tonighRajs dad emailed me a hello from Bombay. I met him 5 years ago. Itll be nice to meet everyone again in India. Anyways, tonight was depressing. Cant really write why on here though. Lots of thoughts strolling through my brain. wishing to be let out. mostly utah.
To the beach in a few hours. I cant wait to be near the ocean again. it has been way way too long.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

$ Spendin
Today at the Powell’s Pioneer Courthouse Square Booksale, I bought:
1.) Life in the Balance: Humanity and the Biodiversity Crisis by Niles Eldredge.
2.) Goa Handbook. (A travel guide for Goa, India, where I will be staying for a few days).
3.) How to Host a Murder. “A dinner party game for eight. So much fun, it’s almost criminal!” Episode Number 11: ROMAN RUINS
4.) CENSORED. A Present for someone who might be reading this.
5.) The Blue Day Book boxed notes. “One dozen beautiful blanck cards guaranteed to change the color of someone’s day.”
6.) CENSORED book title. Present for Mr. Paul Hanselman.

I got to spend time with Miss Amy today. It was great! We met at Tony Bento on Hawthorne for lunch, and Chris joined us also as a surprise. Then we went to the old favorites, such as Presents of Mind and Powell’s. Surprisingly, I returned with no purchases (usually very hard to do on Hawthorne, there is so much appealing stuff). Hung out at Amy’s house for a bit and then went over to Chris’s to explain to him the little that I know about blogger and html. I am reminded of one of my goals of the summer: to learn more html and update my webpage. Neither of which have happened yet. But I have very roughly worked on a little page about Portland. I guess that’s my short-term goal, since I really have little time before I leave to go study abroad.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Sneaky Internet Usage
Well, Im sneaking the internet, in a way. Using the Espedals AOL and signing on as a guest on my laptop here at home. Its been so long since Ive been online. Or so it seems. And tonight my apostrophe key decided to stop working. Irritating. Well, 3am time to go to bed in order to get up and be downtown at the Powells Sidewale Sale tomorrow at 9am. Hopefully Ill be back online tomorrow night...... goodnight all.

Saturday Evening, 10 August 2002
Wedding Reception Night. Waking up to deviled eggs, crystal chandeliers, dust and a noisy vacuum. Party prep. And He called amidst it all, to make me smile, to say hello for the second time of the summer before He visits. I love you. So much to look forward to.
Lighted candles throughout the yard. I feel like I’m living centuries ago and throwing a grand ball. Music and melody. Hot summer night. Chatter. Phone calls but no friends to hug hello and invite in, yet the night is still young. Coors Light and cake. Laughter and genuine hugs from dear friends. It makes all the difference, even if I am soooo sore from the $190 shots, it’s nice to be close to family-friends.

Let’s go swimming. I have the perfect swimming hole.

My mom was disappointed. I think it’s the first time that we haven’t had a super big party that my parents have planned. I guess it’s because many of the people who received the invites were from work, and not exactly friends. So it makes sense that they didn’t all come. And those that did didn’t drink that much. So we still have an almost full baby-keg. It’s going to go flat by morning, or at least sometime soon. And wasted alcohol is unheard of around here.
My parents kept telling me to call everyone up. Invite all your friends over. You are going to have a kegger tonight. Am I? I thought. I, the girl who hates alcohol, who never has touched any alcohol and never plans to, is going to throw a kegger party?! Yes, that’s right, my dad and mom says. You need a party tonight! Invite anyone and everyone. Let them all come. And so it goes. It seems like this is some kind of practical joke, the parents begging for their child to throw a kegger and invite the under-age friends to come party. Something is wrong here. But no, my parents are just like that. The opposite of what you would expect. And my sister and I are the opposite result of the kids you would expect from them. Reserved, scholarly, responsible, sobor women. Go figure. But don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. So much. And I hope that those reading aren’t getting the wrong impression of them. They’re really not like that.. That being how you’re imagining them to be right now. They’re awesome parents. Despite the embarassing comments, embarassing actions that all parents do, they’re great. And I love hanging out with them. And even though I don’t say it most of the time, I am very proud to have them as my mom and dad. So proud. <3

India Anticipation
Raj and Lorelie married in India during their trip there a while back. Spontaneously. And emailed me a picture of them at their India wedding ceremony to break the news. Tonight my parents threw them a wedding shower back here in the US, which was pretty neat. Raj brought the picture book with photographs of their wedding and his family. He spent a few minutes to tell me about different family members and people who I will be able to meet on my trip to India. While he was visiting he told them all about me and how I was coming to visit, and they said that I am welcome to come stay with them if I ever need a place to stay over there. His family lives in Bombay/Mumbai and Pune/Poona (which is the city that I will be living in!), so I’m sure that I’ll get to meet most of them sooner or later while I am there. And I’m so excited to! I am most excited to meet Raj’s cousin who is my age and lives in Pune. Raj and Lorelie both praised her and said that she is an awesome lady. They said that I will have so much fun with her showing me around. I’m excited to meet new people on my trip and just submerse myself in India culture.

Political Preparations
Raj warned me that many people in India have anti-american sentiments. Not that they’re mean to Ámericans in any way, but just that they have very strong political views and do not agree with the way the United States has acted in many situations, more specifically, how the US has handled the Afghanistan situation. Hearing this it makes me realize more and more just how little I know about United States politics. I mean, I probably have a better grasp than most Americans about what is going on in the world, but truthfully I feel very out of the loop when it comes to politics and history at all. Especially dealing with other countries. This should be something that I try and clear up before my trip. I really should start to research India-United States relations and United States-Afghanistan relations before I head on over and most likely get into political conversation with people over there. I need to be a good ambassador of my country. Not exactly agreeing with everything that the US government does, but at least being aware of our actions. This is very important. I wonder if there is some kind of website out there that just has basic elementary political updates/summaries about everything, and then also has a way to get more in-depth information. I mean, all the news websites basically have this, but sometimes even those are a bit much if you’ve haven’t been following the developments of the situations. Does anyone understand what I mean, or also have this problem of not following politics well? What do you do about it?

Sunday, 11 August 2002
My Darling Katherine
I love Kate. And it is incredible to see here again! She picked me up this morning and we went to Community Bible Fellowship (CBF) for the 11am service. I got to see both of the Green Families again, and that was really nice, including a little chat with Tyler. After church we headed over to 1804 SE 16th in Ladd’s Addition. To the Lebanese Food Festival at St. Scharbel Catholic Church. It was sooooooooo good. Chicken Shawarma and Falafel and Hoummus Sandwhich, plus Baklavah and an elephant ear, what more could a girl ask for? ;o)

As I finished my meal Kate brought out my Christmas/Birthday one-year-late present which I opened with a curiously happy audience of elementary school girls asking me about each present. Kate got me a beautiful bag made in Thailand, purple sparkly gloves for the winter, a porcelin elephant, a pillow case cover (pillow to be added later) which is orange and sparkly and cooly patterned, also made in Thailand, and my favorite sticker ever: the tree Oregon liscense plate with Oregon Native, since 1981 on it! The perfect gifts ever. And there is still one more gift to be added, which Kate is making and is not finished with. I feel so spoiled. She always gets me the best presents in the world! My present for her birthday-Christmas one-year-late (as tradition) is done, but still sitting in my room waiting for me to give to Katherine. I hope to give it to her in the next week, but it is really nothing compared to what she has given me!

Goodbye to Parker
Parker and Jabin also made it over to the Lebanese Food Festival, as did my parents. The boys, Kate and I got to hang out a bit in the rose gardens of Ladd’s Addition and then the guys had to take off to dive back down to Grants Pass. I already miss Parker’s hugs!

Pittock Mansion
We drove to Pittock Mansion after leaving the Lebenese Festival. Took in the sites, peeked in the windows, stopped to smell the roses and walk the paths in the yard. It’s so awesome to think that I, as a resident of Portland, in a way, own part of this gigantic mansion. When it fell into shambles in the 50’s the people of Portland gave $215,000 to buy this glorious mansion in the West Hills. And now it’s a public park! It’s one of the best places to get a view of Mt. Hood, downtown and the east side. I love being able to pick out Glencoe Elementary School, Mt. Tabor, and Franklin High School in the distance!

The Best Purchase Ever!
So I think that I made one of the best purchases ever today. It’s actually something that I already own. My mother gave it to me as a gift last Christmas. And Kate has been wanting it ever since. A Portland Saks Fifth Avenue Music Box. It’s really cute. It has important places in Portland in a globe, with glittery raindrops in the water and it plays “Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head” when you wind the bottom. They are usually $56 each and from what I remember were only sold during Christmastime. But lo and behold as soon as we walked in there were a whole shelf of them, and they were marked down to $21 and had a sign saying 40% off the marked price! Kate was so excited and bought one for herself for only $13 and some change. Also, they validated our parking for us and so we didn’t have to pay for that either. Our night was getting better and better. And since the awesome music boxes were only $13 each I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy a couple. I know I know. But they will make the perfect gift to someone. Hopefully someone whose not reading this weblog (sorry if I ruin the surprise), but I just think that they’re the perfect gift for any Portland lover like myself.

Pioneer CourtHouse Square India Festival
I had completely forgotten that it was today. But I’ve had it in my head to attend this festival all week. Lucky we happened to drive by Pioneer Courthouse Square and saw all of the festivities. So after our purchases at Saks we headed up two blocks to join in the fun. It was so crowded! There was nowhere to sit at all, there must have been thousands of people there. I can’t even guess how many. Most all were Indians. Kate and I had to make our way over to the Starbucks to sit on the ledge there and weasel or way in on the balcony for a view of the music and dancing. The was a stage, and an area with a big red carpet out front where most of the dancing took place, the focal point of the square. There was a little bit of traditional dance, but mostly it was lots of pop music, some bhangra, and some singing. Quite entertaining.
Behind the stage there were also a whole bunch of booths and food-sellers. Even though I had just gorged myself on Lebanese food seeing samosas I just couldn’t resist and had to buy two of them. Yum yum. We also did a whirlwind tour of the other booths, grabbing and The Indian Express newspaper, the Northwest South Asian Telephone Book Directory, and I talked to some friendly people from the International Indian Church in Portland. I was asking about a good recomended Christian church in Pune. they said that they couldn’t tell me off the top of their heads, but come to the service sometime and there will be a lot of people there who could probably be of help to me. I think that if I have time (it’s Sunday nights from 5-6:30pm near NW 23rd) I will go.

I love you, but please loose some weight.

Tuesday 13 August 2002
Kegger Update
You’re dying to know how my kegger went, right? Well, my parents decided to give it away to the two crazy boys across the street. Tonight as I was reading on the front porch them came carrying it up our driveway and placed it on our back porch empty. They greatly appreciated the good deed my parents had done in supporting their drinking. ;o)

804 Pages Later...
Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy is finally finished! It took me a long time to read it, mostly because I haven’t had very much time to read, and secondly because the paperback copy of it that I bought (at Powell’s in Chicago) was so cheap that whenever the book came in contact with the sun the glue binding the pages together stopped working and the book starting falling apart. Even superglueing it twice, it didn’t help. So the hours at the pool in Black Butte and some sun bathing in my front yard didn’t contribute much free time to my reading. It was a housebook.
I loved the book. It was a pleasure to read (despite the time it took me to accomplish this) and I highly recommend the book to everyone. It definitely is on my top 10 favorites list, if I were to compile that list. Possibly on the top 5.
My next reading adventure? A Rift In Time by Michael Phillips, highly highly recommended to me by my mother. In fact, she liked this book so much that she is now determined to come visit me when I *finger crossed, hopefully* travel to Tanzania to do another study abroad next July-December.

The 24 hours of Sudeep’s visit was tiring, but in the best way possible. We walked for miles touring downtown Portland, NW 21st & 23rd, the west hills/Washington Park, Hawthorne Boulevard, and Mt. Tabor. From the Greyhound station first to lunch at Good Dog/Bad Dog ordering Portland Smokey’s and then to Powell’s for some book browsing. Pioneer Courthouse Sqaure, the Park Blocks, Waterfront Park, oh just seeing everything and everywhere possible. We took MAX to Washington Park and hopped on the shuttle and arrived at the Japanese Gardens and the International Rose Test Garden. I hadn’t been to the Japanese Gardens since they renovated everything a couple of years back. They were fantastic. And worth the $4 entrance fee. A nice relaxing, shady, calm, and though-reflecting-contemplative place. Sudeep must have taken at least 30 photographs. They’re going to be great. The International Rose Test Gardens are just a few steps over from the Japanese Gardens, and you can smell them way before you step down the stairs and drop down into the thousands of petals. It was amazing. Impressive. Once again, I can’t begin to describe it.

Best Meals
Breakfast: half of a cup of strawberry yogurt with grapenuts.
Lunch: Cajun Chicken on Wheat, with cream cheese, sprouts, tomato, mustard and mayo, with a potato salad and a cookie from Bower’s Bakery. On Hawthorne Blvd.
Dinner: Crumb Cake muffin from JaCiva’s.

Sweat, Baby Sweat
Today was scorching. Literally. Portland had a high of 102, record-breaking. The last high for this day was 92 degrees, set back in 1996. Even at the beach temperatures were around 95! Today’s average temperature at the coast is usually 58!

Ya Know What I Love?
Of Course! You probably knew what was coming. But seriously. Even though I just have so much joy and pleasure showing people around the city, and I have just this overwhelming love for Portland, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest that just can’t seem to be stopped, the more that I tour people around the more I appreciate just how special this place is. It’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. And it’s hard enough just to live in Chicago for the schoolyear. I need to have time to come back to this awesome place, but at the same time, coming back makes me miss it even more, and leaving is so hard.
I can’t express it enough how awesome the city is. Tri-met. Portland Public Parks: Mt. Tabor, Laurelhurst, Washington, Mt. Scott, Creston, Pittock Mansion, Forest....the list goes on forever. The public gardens: Japanese, Chinese, Hoyt Arbouretum, International Rose Test, Crystal Springs, ahhh I can’t even explain it on here because I feel like each thing needs to be thoroughly detailed so you know what I mean for each place. Sometime this summer my goal is to make a webpage explaining each of my favorite places and recommendations of Portland places and attractions.
But, as I explained to Sudeep this morning: “Come to visit, but don’t plan to stay!” is our motto. lol.

Friday, August 09, 2002


Whew. So my camping trip is over. But not my time in Alaska. I’m still here. Sitting in the Anchorage airport. Stuck here for all eternity...well, at least that’s what it feels like.

Travel Troubles
I was supposed to fly out at 12:45am this morning, but United had booked the plane 36 people over so there was really no reason for my to stand around and fly stand-by. Luckily Brad’s mom and sisters were on vacation in Anchorage and had booked a fancy hotel for the night. I embarassingly returned from the airport at 1am and drove with Brad to interupt their family vacation. I was thankful that I didn’t have to sleep in the airport for the night, instead sharing a very comfy queen size bed with Brad’s sister. I was also very thankful for a shower! Anyways, it’s now Saturday afternoon, I was supposed to have been in Portland by now greeting my family and preparing to depart on our family vacation to Central Oregon tomorrow morning. But that’s not going to happen. Instead I’m waiting for the next flight (there’s only one a day) and praying that I’ll be able to get on. At the moment (still hours before boarding) the flight is overbooked by 10 people. It looks doubtful that I’ll be able to get on. But I have to somehow! It seems impossible to leave Alaska. If I was to buy a flight home right now it is over $550. I called the bus companies and I would have to take a $156 bus to Canada, which leaves tomorrow morning at 5am and arrives in White Horse at 11pm Sunday night. Then the next Greyhound bus south to the states in at 1:30pm TUESDAY. So that won’t work at all. Option D: train. Still to work this out. I have a feeling that it’s going to be as crazy as the bus. And probably very expensive. The biggest problem is just that everything in Alaska seems to be independent so you can’t just take a greyhound bus straight somewhere, or an Amtrak train. You have to take the private Alaska service and then somehow switch over. Uggg. We’ll see how this goes. I just really really really really need to make it on this next plane in a few hours. If not then I’ll have to wait another 24 hours to try to make the next one (which is also overbooked!). Stand-by is no good. Also, once I get to Seattle I have to track down my luggage somehow (which was sent there on the plane last night) and find a way to the greyhound station then take a 9 hour or so ride to Sisters, Oregon to meet up with my family. Actually, I really shouldn’t complain. I don’t mind all this travel business all that much. It’s kinda like an adventure. But the part that I hate is spending so much money and wasting time in the airport when I’m supposed to be seeing my family and taking off on a relaxing vacation.

Ok, the Cinnabon place is about 100 feet in front of me. So hard to resist. So hard to resist......... I can’t do this much longer.

The Last 7 Days
So what have I been up to? you may ask. Well, it’s been about a 1800+ mile road trip. And that’s right: I don’t drive. Good thing Brad loves to. Recap: Fairbanks to Circle Hot Springs to Eagle Summet (camping) to Circle Hot Springs to Fairbanks to Angel Rocks (camping) to Fairbanks. Then after a tour on the Riverboat Discovery and spending some time at one of Brad’s friend’s houses we picked up Blassi in North Pole and took off for Anchorage. It was a nice little 6 hour drive despite the constant rain. REI, new zipper pants converted to shorts (I’ve been wanting these for years!) and three new pairs of socks. cheap! Met up with Ty and his wife Heather. They are so nice. It was a short but very enjoyable visit. :o) On the advice of the REI girl we took the Seward Highway an hour along the Turnagain Arm to Portage Glacier to camp. What a beautiful drive, so much like the Columbia River Gorge! Mountains on both sides of the water. Snowy peaks, glacial formations, rivers, some waterfalls, with Turnagain Arm (ocean) separating the two sides.

Portage Glacier: Midnight entry, as always. rain rain rain. fog. 76 situps, the new record. waking up to puddles in the tent. And a glacier over the shoulder. Hiked up to Byron Glacier and all around on the ice and rocks. Storms coming in. Patterns of clouds. impressive. I hope the pictures turn out.

Kenai Salmon galore. I wish I had a rod and reel. And an out of state fishing liscense. Camping another night. In an already-soacked tent. The floor was drenched. Move an inch off of the sleeping pad and you’re in for trouble. So much for a good rain fly. ;o) Smoke and Fire. Gin and hearts. Sleeping in. Passed Poppy Penguins Upholstery Place, Salvation Army with the purchase of a Kenai penninsula Harley shirt and nice Levi’s cords pants. Expensive dipnets.

Dipnetting at the Mouth of the Kenai
Twenty foot poles, and huge huge huge nets. Shovel handals, sleds, coolers, buckets full of fish. And the smell of rotting salmon and halibut. Fish heads as you step onto the beach at the high water line. This is the life. Hundreds of people in the river. To their armpits with the strong current ready to topple them over and slick mud beneath their feet. Remember those salmon games from middle school? With the jump rope “turbine” and the playing tag to symbolize anglers. It’s true. Those salmon do have it hard. All the rivers were lined everywhere I looked with anglers, dipnetters, boaters. All waiting for the perfect catch. I wanted to join in the fun.
Postcard Pictureman
I met the postcard gentleman. At the Girdwood Gas Station, restocking the postcards-just for me, he said. I make 11,000 at a time. Gotta keep em restocked in the summer. Taken almost every picture, every postcard on the rack. Which were excellent, the perfect postcards I thought. So I tell him that Fairbanks is lacking, and he agrees. I tell him of the need for a postcard picture of downtown with the mountains and a sunset, or the moon he comments. I tell him take it from Esther Dome, but he says he has the perfect spot on Famers Loop Road all ready. OH yes, he has it all planned out. He just needs good weather. Can I bring it? No, I said, but I can sure bring the rain, I’m from Portland. OH!~ I used to do Oregon postcards too. The Oregon Coast. You know Tolovanna? Oh yes, I say, I’ve been there. Yah? I grew up there. Cannon Beach. Tolovanna Inn, I say. Oh yes, but you know, that used to be a swamp. I used to catch frogs and tadpoles there. Back in the day. You know what?-also the governor wanted to cut down on costs, didn’t want to build roads, so you know what he did?-said that the beach was a road, the highway, so people used to drive on the beach. That’s what we did when I was younger. Oh yes, I say, I’ve seen that. And driving around Hug Point at low tide, there are pictures of that, in black and white. I’ve seen them. Know what? Think about the streets in Cannon Beach: Galeena, Sitka, Talkeetna, they’re all Alaskan towns! You know, the person who named the streets in Cannon Beach must have loved Alaska. Awesome. Me too.
Smuggling Peas
Yes, I admit it. But I don't care, Nicole! ;o)

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Needles & Shots
Time for travel shots. Ridiculously overpriced travel immunization shots. In freakin Lake Grove too. What a fun afternoon. ;o) I'm about two months late also, considering I was supposed to get my second batch of shots 3 weeks after my first, but then I had the sudden trip to Alaska and completely forgot. oops. Hopefully I can make up for it now.
Rocky Butte Love
I'm home. At Nicole's house on RockyButte. My second home. With Psycho Beast, and Mew and Scott, Lori, Jeffrey and Nicole. Awww. I feel the love.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Central Library
i'm at the central library in downtown portland. no internet at my house. but 7 pages of blog on my laptop at home. somehow i will figure out how to get online. shucks. i'll update soon! i promise!
finally back in town.
day in portland with Jared. Mt. Tabor. Hawthorne. I love it.