Monday, April 28, 2003

Will this be the best memorial day weekend ever?
upper peninsula michigan to explore. 9 hours. just the four of us.
tents. headlamps. elevation and non-Chicago peacefulness quiet. GREEN.
i'm getting excited!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Rumors of Blogging-based reality TV show in the works. Whoa.
I just got spammed with someone trying to sell Iraqi "Most Wanted" Playing cards.
My computer is art.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

"Welcome to Singapore! Are you feeling well today?" chimes a chorus of nurses, their faces covered by masks, their eyes by goggles, their bodies by yellow hospital gowns. Passengers coming from other countries with SARS are guided to pass through a high-tech thermal scanner that picks up temperatures over 100. A bevy of masked soldiers in camouflage uniforms are there to escort away those with fever.

Those who pass muster are given a card warning that they might have been exposed to a deadly disease. Those who are feverish are whisked, without apology, into a 10-day quarantine, and Singapore means business. Video cameras will be installed in the home by a security firm, to make sure patients do not stray. Those few who do are tagged with an electronic wristband that records their movements.
I just saw the sunrise and heard the morning birds.
time for bed.

Friday, April 25, 2003


Thursday, April 24, 2003

Girls have similar thoughts, so many people at the SCC this week, and proud to blog about it. But I am too timid.
Today was tiredness and acheing and staring blankly until the pain went away. Trying hard to distract myself. Long lab hours with the Ordovician.
Gneiss Chert, get it? I think Erin is hilarious. :o)
Summer plans if all goes well: Alaska, Portland, Chicago, Montana, Yellowstone, Glacier Natl Park, Devil's Peak, Chicago.
Still glowing with pride for Upward Bound!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Formed March 20, 2003

Dear People of Iraq,

Now that you have been liberated from your oppressors, we at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) look forward to our future relationship with you. As one of the oldest of American governmental agencies, we have a good deal of experience in assimilating people of other cultures to the American way of life. . . Meanwhile, below you will find a list of what to expect from the Office of the BIA, based on our vast experience managing the affairs of American Indians:

1. Henceforth, English will be the spoken language of all government and associated offices. If you do not speak English, a translator fluent in German will be provided.

2. All Iraqi people will apply to be entered on a citizen (tribal) roll. Citizenship will be open to those people who can prove that they are Iraqi back four generations with documents issued by the United States. Christian church records may also be given in support of proof of your origins.

3. All hospitals designated to serve you will be issued a standard "medical kit." The kit will contain gauze, band-aids, burn cream, iodine, tweezers, and duct tape.

4. Your oil is to be held in trust for you. We will appoint an American-approved government lawyer who has a background in the oil industry to represent your interests. Never mind that he may also work for an energy company that he will eventually cut a deal with. However, not to fear - this close relationship will guarantee you more money for your oil.

5. Each Iraqi citizen will be allotted one hundred acres of prime Iraqi desert. You will be issued a plow, a hoe, seed corn and the King James version of the Christian Bible. Following the distribution of land, any land left over will be open to settlement by Israelis.

6. Each citizen is entitled to draw a ration of milk, sugar, flour and lard. If, for health or religious reasons, you feel cannot use the rations, you may file a complaint with your BIA appointed liaison, General Foods Corporation. Those Iraqis showing signs of diabetes, heart disease, or glaucoma will be issued double rations, as, (we are sure you will agree), our own medical system will be too alien for your use.

7. We will manage your trust monies, stipulating that any five year-old American citizen, demonstrating minimal computer skills, may hack into the system that controls your accounts, and set up their own account. Records of your accounts will be kept, but you must receive express written permission from the head of the BIA in order to examine them

8. In keeping with the separation of church and state supported by the US Constitution, Christian missionaries will be sponsored through government funding to provide your local educational and social services. Of course, only Iraqis who convert to Christianity will be allowed to hold jobs within the government.

9. For the purposes of future treaty making, any single Iraqi will be found competent to sign land-session treaties on behalf of all other Iraqis.

10. Welcome to the Free World and have a nice day!

[From Dr. George Wasson, a Coquille/Coos Indian]

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I'm a fan of tab browsing. And half of my desk has vanished!~ only to return soon (I hope) as an ordered part. And you are making me so frusterated, but those that I once had fake impressions of have now uplifted me. 8 minutes in front of the Reg on tiptoe, waiting for the D.
James 3. Taming the Tongue tonight.
I'm going to try for the Richter Grant. Last minute specials. P.S. My sister is coming Monday-Saturday to visit!!

Monday, April 21, 2003

4th floor of the Reg with a stomach ache and so many pages to read. Someone has fallen asleep with the reserve reading...yikes...I really need to find them. Tonight at SafeSpace there were only 3 of us, but it was so much fun. Reading stories aloud, attempting to resolve tantrums, seeing beautiful baby braids with pink beads, a puppet show. I wish I could be 3 years old again for a day.
Mathematically we live in a A World of Doughnuts and Spheres? I'm a bit skeptical, but even if we do...why do we care? Maybe Sudeep can answer that one for me. ;o) And that led me to look up the MILLENNIUM PRIZE PROBLEMS. Is $1million really needed for the "discoverers"? The solvers are already going to be famous and reap the benefits in the math world. Is the money really necessary? I mean, I would much rather see this go to something a little more just and helpful. I guess I'm just starting to loose more and more respect for 'academia'. Or maybe I'm just ignorant in not seeing the practical implications for all of these kinds of discoveries.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Kate is here! Hip hip hurray!
Happy Easter everyone! Would any of you like to join us for the sunrise service @ the Point. 5:45am, with Hyde Park Vineyard Church. See the sunrise over lake Michigan Easter morning!

Thursday, April 17, 2003

I love you i love you i love YOU.
I am so glad you're not going!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Imagine coming back to the apartment with 100+ books sprawled ALL OVER the floor and surrounding area. The cheap plywood school desk is in little bits and pieces with the screws holding up the top shelf sticking out, and the shelf only hanging on by a small amount of glue. Yah, I'm a bit upset...especially when I was coming back to clean for Kate arriving tomorrow! Now there's barely any space to even sleep on the floor. This sucks.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Psy-Warriors say: Iraqi Men are Impotent. The part of the war we never knew.
Double checking his info and I've found nothing too convincing, or incriminating. Hmm. Can you double major at Stanford in Marketing and Drama?...I found Drama, but not mention of Marketing. South Carolina all alone vulnerable sister on a military base. I am not liking this. But at least he has some loose references...but still! Ack. I'm a scared protective older sister.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Global AIDS walk on the midway. Slowly slowly we make our way, and all the way back to Stony with the starburst stuck to the roof of my mouth. A clean(er) kitchen is a luxury. Recycling=roaches. and so you don't care? I don't think that's an option and I'll debate you on that as you just found out. And by the way. I do think that dressing up nice is a privelege, as are many interviews, so stop complaining and so many people at this school need to realize that...including me. This summer I want to come back to Chicago and have an clean and organized apartment. My letter is in the mail, Priority, to 99775. I want to run the 10k in much less time that 55:55. I'm already making plans for those 6 weeks of tired energy.
Stony Island=biggest recycling nightmare ever. I feel like a failure. I just can't bring myself to do it...yet.
Kate, you'd be laughing at me this week. Or surpised. I'm back in my phaze of being blunt. Just a little way too drastically blunt for how I should be acting. But I'm starting to loose my patience, (while at the same time gaining appreciation?). I haven't spoken up until now in a Long while. It's about time.
ps. I'm taking suggestions as to what I should do July 22nd on. Tanzania? Portland, Chicago, elsewhere?

Friday, April 11, 2003

For the healing of the nations, Lord, we pray with one accord;
For a just and equal sharing of the things that earth affords;
To a life of love in action help us rise and pledge our word,
Help us rise and pledge our word.

Lead us forward into freedom; from despair your world release;
That, redeemed from war and hatred,
all may come and go in peace.
Show us how through care and goodness
fear will die and hope increase,
Fear will die and hope increase.

All that kills abundant living, let is from the earth be banned;
Pride of status, race, or schooling,
dogmas that obscure your plan.
In our common quest for justice may we hallow life’s brief span,
May we hallow life’s brief span.

You, Creator God, have written your great name on human kind;
For our growing in your likeness bring the life of Christ to mind,
That by our response and service earth its destiny may find,
Earth its destiny may find.

-For the Healing of the Nations
Words: Fred Kaan, 1965 (Revelation 21:1-22:5)
Music: John Hughes, 1907

Thursday, April 10, 2003

I got the job! Oh i am so so so so so happy to be going back to Alaska and working with the Upward Bound Classic Program!!! Now to make my summer dreams come true if only I could hear that I am accepted to the CNT Metcalf (hearing back in the next couple of days, I had the final interview last week) and then I can possibly do BOTH this summer! Chicago and Alaska. Perfect.

Update: I didn't get the Metcalf. :o(

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Portland Trailblazers and twice Green/Yellow OREGON sweatshirts walking around on campus. smile

I want to go to Alaska to work again this summer so badly.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Did you know that my best friend is a socio-cultural studies concentrator with an emphasis in anthropology and minors in History and Reconciliation? She is amazing! And she's coming to visit in Chicago for three days over Easter weekend!!!!

Saturday, April 05, 2003

bhangra, energy, bright bright colors.


familiar faces around me, but not the connection.
Parker and Carla to the rescue.

Friday, April 04, 2003

This morning I saw him turn on the fountain for the first time. And if it's spring to the Chicago Park District, it's spring to me.
i took the night off. and ended up with popcorn, a wide screen tv, talkings of vision quests, and crying seeing Skins. lesson of the week it went straight to my heart. thinking about identity, family, compassion, tradition, history, networking, illegal substances.
What is your tribe? What is your purpose? Why are you here?
And the high latitudes calling me back, i'm more certain.
bindi scared.