Saturday, January 28, 2006

Paul got accepted to UW-Madison for the MA/PHD program, and is a finalist for a full fellowship!! We'll find out the results around February 20th. It was a huge shock this morning to find this all out--by email--because most of the grad schools he applied to said that their decisions would be mailed in March, so we were never expecting to hear any news this soon. Paul was looking up instructions to install some stuff on our computer when he came across the email. What a great day today is!

Now on to a massive Godfather marathon (neith of us have seen the movies) and a great dinner.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Lots of Ups

--I just applied to two geology jobs, one of which looks super promising and it's for an excellent company. Fingers crossed, it would be amazing to get this job in Portland, I'm so happy just to apply.

--We have obtained all 300+ wedding pix in digital format and now we just have to go through them all and solidify which to print.

--I went to the mountain again this weekend. Only for last night, but it was great to be with S, J, & K. A girls night. And my first night away from Paul since we've been married. It was a good beginning to our newly-formed book club (our first book this month is Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang, by Joyce Carol Oates), this morning we went on a hike on the upper Salmon River.

--New fun friends on myspace!

--Work has been going well. I've been taking over the mapping requests and I got to use the plotter on Friday. fun fun fun. 50% of the geocoding is done! And I finally got the busdata for most of the rest.

--Reunited with L&S on Thursday. They're now sorta our neighbors and it was great to get back in touch.

--I had no idea that Monday was a federal holiday. And now that I have benefits and a full time job I actually get paid for holidays! A surprise 3-day weekend for me!!!

And, most importantly:

--24 starts tomorrow! 2 hour special on Sunday, and 2 hour special on Monday. But even though Paul and I now have a 26" lcd flat-screen tv, we're waiting patiently for Nicole and Ethan to get back from Tahoe (they have it tivoed while they're gone). We're going to have a 24 dinner party Friday night, and I'm so looking forward to seeing Nicole and Ethan and beginning the new season.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

tied for second after the first round, 5th overall. not so bad, but not so rich.
.xls to .dbf, .dbf+.dbf=trouble and many hours
dinner plans=good
cleaning=not so good
mt hood=good
bookclub=good beginnings if i can find the book. ;o)

i have no motivation to blog anymore, but i still read everyone else's every day and love it. i just have nothing much to say.....maybe next week.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Things that Amaze me:

-The our across-the-street organic/local/+regular supermarket that I shopped at last night was written up in the NYTimes yesterday. Hurray New Seasons! In Oregon, Think Local.

-I have only finished two wedding thank you cards. All other 3 bozillion need to be done and mailed by Saturday, or else I have to buy extra "add on" stamps due to the 2 cent increase. sucky.

-That I have been bestowed super secret info that I cannot tell another soul--well, except for maybe paul--but he doesn't count ;o). This probably doesn't amount to much compared to Amy, who is most likely learning some crazy stuff at her special agent atf training and will no longer be able to talk to us for the rest of her life (as documented in her lack of blogging!).

-We won the pub quiz on Tuesday evening. finally. but it only felt like a half-win because there were only a total of 4 teams, and we had a full team (6) this week.

-I slept a full 11 hours last night and woke up with a big red pillow imprint on the right half on my face. Which meant that I had to skip my first bus, and wait for the next one (30 min) before I was ok enough not to die of embarassment. And I still feel tired.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I wish I knew Chinese. I wish they would have had this at Glencoe!