Monday, October 31, 2005

I keep seeing "ghost cycles" around SE and NE Portland (old bikes painted white and put in certain locations as memorials to killed bikers, with signs saying "A cyclist was killed here", more info at OregonLive Bike Fun blog) I have mixed feelings about these. One the one hand, it's a good way to alert motorists AND bikers alike to be more alert and drive/pedal safely, but on the other hand, these seem like they may be a huge deterrant for new bikers. It's not exactly sending a great message to encourage more cycling in the city, when Portland has been rated the #1 cycling city in the US. I know it's not 100% safe to bike, but in general, it's still very easy and safe to cycle in Portland.
Three pieces of evidence to show I'm loosing my mind....

---when I split our apt bills last week I did the math COMPLETELY wrong and Sarah had to rework all the calculations and write extra checks.
---this morning i went to make a deposit in the ATM at 6:40am. The bank just called and I left my debit card and receipt in the ATM. Luckily some good samaritan turned it into the bank (and a ton more probably saw it there but couldn't turn it in until the bank actually opened at 9!).
---I arrived for a docter's appt over an hour early (@7:50 instead of 8:50am). yes, that's right. it's been over a day after the daylight savings time change and i'm still off.

Friday, October 28, 2005

After getting spam calls "congratulations! You've just won...." I just signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry. It only took about 40 seconds to register and confirm six numbers (I signed up my whole family). You are on the active Do Not Call list after 31 days, and it is effective until 2010.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

today i....

...learned a ton about SOAP and OS.
...thought my cell phone was on vibrate in my pocket, but really it was just my stomach rumbling!
...attended my 5th psu traffic and transportation class it's nice to be back in school a bit, esp. when you get a free scholarship to take a class paid for by the city.
...saw some amusing things that I can't post on this blog. up at 5:50am.
...had one of the best lunches ever: 1/2 sand. great harvest walnut bread w/ turkey and apple chutney, 1/2 sand great harvest whole wheat bread veggie sand w/ cucumbers, peppers, sauce, avocado, and a bag of Kettle Chips. mmmm.
...hung out with lots of IT people, including googlites and busmonsters.
...barely got any wedding planning done besides 15 min of fast-typed emails.
...still haven't sent out all invites. ack!
...recieved a great email from Kate in Ireland!
...actually planned lunch with Amy before she heads to work at the ATF.

TWO WEEKS AND TWO DAYS until i am married. TWO DAYS until my shower. my mom told me specifically last night that I cannot wear jeans. gosh. ;o) what to wear? i need to be cute and comfy. i'm not good at that first part.

i am now going to bed. yep. at 9:30pm. i have another early rise in the morning.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

letter to the new manager/landlord. we'll see how that goes.
nov 12 hotel booked
turtle bars made
dress decided (looks much better than picture!) minus gloves minus veil
still need to find shawl/wrap/warmth
still need to figure out hair & accessories
dinner orders taken.mmmm
fresh salad OR tomato basil soup
vegetable lazagne OR salmon
red or white wine, beer, coffee, tea
portland dessert reception, some homemade selections include:
turtle bars
fantasy fudge
pumpkin pecan bars
peanut butter balls (buckeyes)
mini cheesecakes
raspberry shortbread
mexican wedding cookies
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

i need my wedding planner back. but she is in ireland! :o)

Monday, October 24, 2005

less than 3 weeks until the wedding.
what am i forgetting?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

yesterday and today have been two of the most beautiful days of the year. 70, sunny, colorful leaves swirling around. i love autumn. and i love my apartment.
after a busy morning with two meetings paul is snoozing on the couch while i catch up on online errands and wedding lists. a depot deli lunch has filled us up--yum! soon some shopping and gift decision making to do.
3 weeks to go. my oh my.

ps. if you're reading this and you haven't sent in your rsvp then skip to the mailbox soon please. :o)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

More wedding details:
Yesterday a larger, heavier package arrived!
I found out that my ring size is just under a 4--a large 3 or small 4. Good thing we're having our rings custom made, otherwise some rings are hard to resize that small.
The RedWing Cafe is a go for dinner.
A few friends are unexpectedly (they live far away) traveling to the reception--I am so excited to see them again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

clean new apartment
bake bake bake
send out remaining invitations (i know! a bit late, but there are still at least a dozen to do...i feel really bad..and this includes some people reading this!)
wedding details galore, spreadsheet action
finish sarah's bday present
finish nicole's bday present
finish heidi's bday present
get supersecret present for supersecret someone
email friends
figure out CRAZY schedule for next week and how i will survive (2day gis/google/open source conference, ods halloween parties, psu class, baking, on top of wedding planning) update: i am so off in dates, this crazy schedule is for the following week.
Yesterday we received our first wedding present. It came in the mail, and is marked as 10lbs. My mom made me turn around and opened the outer box to make sure that the gift inside was wrapped and then took it out. I have no idea what it is, or who it's from (although I did a little investigating and from the wrapping paper I have deduced that it most likely came from JC Penney). I feel like a 5 year old waiting to open presents at Christmas--all excited and anxious to find out the surprise of what it is. But I have to wait until Saturday, so Paul and I can open it together. For selfish and unpatient little me, 4 days is a long time to wait while a present sits in plain sight in front of you. Hehe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

On Saturday Paul and I designed our rings and went in to talk with the metal designer. He's calling me back with the quote on Tuesday, and once I say yes they'll be done in a week or two. I'm excited to see the finished product, since at this point it's only in our imagination. I have a general idea of how it's going to look in person, but not exactly. Think 5mm width white gold straight-end band, with two planes bisecting the ring (almost parallel with the ring, but each slightly off-center in a symmetrical fashion, similar to forming a wedge ), then a hammered finish in between those two planes so that it is 1mm on one side, going to 3mm on the other. Hard to visualize? It's hard to explain without a diagram, but the concept is actually relatively simple once you see it.

On Sunday I met with a flower lady (the same one who did Nicole's wedding flowers) and ordered all the wedding flowers. The final total is slightly over the amount I wanted to pay, but I trust her and know that she does excellent work, so I think it will be worth it to pay a bit more. Plus, we've been saving so much on other expenses, it evens out. Orange mini calla lillies with warm orange-gold roses, and berries.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yesterday I drove a MAX train. It was a Type II, and although the speed limit where I was driving was 5mph (in the Ruby Junction yard), it was so neat. I also got an in-depth tour of the Control Room and dispatch, which is similar to air traffic control, but for busses and light rail, walked around on the MAX that had a collision with a firetruck, toured a substation, and ton of different shops and rooms that would take a long time to explain, including CCTV.

Monday, October 10, 2005

This "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" is pretty awesome.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

ps. I know a secret, but I can't tell you yet.
Dinner with L & S tonight at the Prime Rib on Sandy. Don't be fooled--that place is not a dive! My oh my was it fancy. Good wine, excellent prime rib that they make right in front of you (they bring the kitchen to you!) and the "petite cut" is not so petite at all. One of the best dinners I've had in ages.
Gossiping, hugging, reminiscing, and overall I just felt so good reconnecting with old friends who I care so deeply about, even though I hadn't seen them in four years.
I still don't understand how I can get tipsy with just one large glass of red wine, prime rib, squash, a baked potato, and carrots, plus a delicious salad.

And two great meals in one day. This morning for brunch I went to the Tin Shed (13th & Alberta--my favorite breakfast spot in Portland!!) with Nicole, Lori and my mother. To do some girl talk, planning, and just admire the three women who I love. It makes me smile just to think about any one of them and how important and beautiful they are in special ways.

Today was one of the best days in a long time. To see Paul off this morning (sad, but nice to actually see him!), and then spent quality time with so many great people, and then to read Kate's blog about her current adventures in Ireland. I feel complete, and thankful, for many important people in my life.

PLUS. Sonca is coming to the Chicago reception!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Unrelated note: Dr. Bronner's is in the organic/natural food section at Fred Meyer. Which explains why I couldn't find it the two times I looked at the soap isle. It would be so much easier if all those natural products were in two places.

clues to the ceremony:
virginia reel
trumpet tune in d major, purcell
organist: "we've never done a wedding like this before"
Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I worked 11.5 hours today. And tomorrow will be another early morning because I need to get off work early for some wedding appointments. Craziness. I think I might just go straight to bed after some brainstorming (tomorrow I'm meeting with the organist/music director and I have NO IDEA what we want). Yikes. What are some good hymns or other songs? Any suggestions?