Thursday, August 28, 2003

"What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?"Heard Jim Hightower speak last night at Powell's. Lots of Bush&co bashing, not my style of talking, but it was still good to hear his views.
Craig visited on his tour of the west coast. 2 mile hike in Washington Park from the zoo to Pittock Mansion after a stoll through the Rose Gardens. What a view.

Monday, August 25, 2003

A weekend with my Nick in Seattle. BBQ tonight and John B came. Only a few days til he takes off to SoCal to study film...i hope that we don't loose touch, even if he is the only person on earth to despise Portland (or so I like to believe).
Ethan and Nicole are so perfect for each other. It makes me smile.
I feel lost though. I miss you. Counting the days.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

So the secret surprise trip to Connecticut was fun. Painting porches, a bathroom, tubing down a river with three "rapids", and rockclimbing Sleeping Giant. I've traveled a lot this summer. I flew in to Connecticut Saturday and was supposed to fly back to Portland on Wednesday, but instead extended my ticket and flew to Seattle on Friday. So now I'm here visiting Nicole for the weekend staying at her apartment on Green Lake. It's a very nice neighborhood. Seattle is my second favorite city. REI today with Ethan. Three pairs of hiking socks to go with my new Montrail Hiking Boots that I got in Connecticut at EMS. Time to break 'em in!!
September 4th is coming up fast, I can't believe that school is starting so soon, even though it is only the field course.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Sun streaming through the windows of the Central Library. I love downtown, and wearing hippie peacock tiedyed skirts and braided hair and knowing that I fit in. Northwest alternative, not Chicago style.
I heard the term Metrosexual yesterday. By the Crowne Ballroom coordinator. The garden room/cocktails with corkscrew willow and leopard print was fun. But could you imagine taking grama here? And did you know that the Columbia River Gorge Hotel is all outward appearance, but inner lack of charm. I would have never guessed. I love you Nicole.Ethan.Lori.Scott
Am I good at keeping secrets?
Tonight I'm going to STOMP. And it will be my last couple of hours with Kate, she leave back to Minnesota tomorrow on her road trip.
Note to self: Next time I am in Anchorage [which i hope will be in the far, but somwhat near future] I need to hike up Flat Top at sunset. I really love your picture Dane. :o)
I miss the students.

I am content today.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

In all the fun of the engagement I forgot to mention that on Sunday I did a great bike ride! With Kate, Sarah, and two of her roommates I participated in America's second-largest community bike ride: the Providence Bridge Pedal, which is a part of the Rose Pedal festival, a month-long celebration of bicycling in Portland.
We were supposed to start at 9am, but due to a few complications we pedaled off from the startline a little late, forcing us to only do the 14 mile route, instead of the 25 mile one that we were planning. But, although I was a bit disapointed, the event was so much fun that it didn't really matter. It was so awesome to be biking with (officially there were almost 20,000 participants) so many other people, and taking over the Freeway and many other major streets, that just the pleasure of riding made up for the small disapointment.
At the crest of the first bridge I started to feel some delightful sprinkles on my shoulders, by the time we had coasted down the other side and rounded the corner onto the next road I was almost soaked and the drizzle had turned into a shower. But it made me smile. What a great start to our biking. The rest of the morning was a little overcast, but for the most part great weather, and by the time we had biked back to Waterfront Park it was turning into a bright day with the sunlight sparkling off the Willamette River.
We rested on the lawn for a bit and sat their admiring our city and the people that we'd spent the morning biking with. Biker-friendly. Community-oriented. Green and beautiful. I really can't express how much I love Portland, Oregon.
Crossing the street from Waterfront Park we walked to Satruday Market under the Burnside Bridge and bought some lunch. I was very content with a full stomach, but was even more cheered up when Kate, Sarah and I split an Elephant Ear. Sooooo good, and such a tradition. Then we boarded MAX, hoisting my bike up to hand it on the bike rack inside. I love how bike-freindly and easy our public transportation is. LightRail is so great and fast. I got to Nicole's house in no time for the BBQ.
All in all it was one of the best days of the summer! :o)

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I love my Nick. She just announced her engagement to her family right now. :o)

Friday, August 08, 2003

Back with Amelia-Bedelia. Ohhh I love spending time with her and her family! Last night we met up with Julie and Claire at the Sappire Hotel on Hawthorne, gave Jake a nice big hug, and watched Old School with Chris. It's so lovely to be back in Portland. I love SE pdx.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

My Best Friend is now ENGAGED!
so much to write in the past week, but that's the biggest thing on my mind right now. My Nick. Ethan proposed on Wednesday night, and I was out of communication in Central Oregon until Sunday, big surprise to come back to, with everyone knowing before even the Maid of Honor (me).

Central Oregon this past week was great. Hiking in the Jefferson Wilderness with Kate and my two families. Playing with Grace and Lauren. I miss hanging out with two and half year olds. They're so much fun. And then on Sunday we drove back to Portland and we met up with my dad's side of the family for a reunion. My cousin had driven up from San Francisco with his two kids. All I can say is that I love LEGOS.