Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rough Morning

I attempted to bike to work this morning (perfect day, so exciting), but found out that my back bike tire was flat once I hopped on. So I trucked over to the busstop, waited, fumbled to get my bike in the rack properly in front of the bus, then at my transfer, awkwardly took my bike off the rack. I tried to steady my bike with one hand as I shifted my weight, used my other hand to put the rack back up, and then my hips to get it back into the spot. Somewhere in this seemingly long process I lost my TriMet ID badge, which was initially clipped onto my right pocket.

I wheeled my bike across the street to my next busstop and waited patiently for the bus. After ten minutes I stood up and suddenly realized that my badge was gone. I glance across the street and scan the ground where I had unloaded my bike. Nothing. Then a little further up the street something caught my next bus was two blocks away. Glancing across the street one more time, I saw what seemed to be my badge about half a block away, in between lanes. Yikes.

I waited for the bus, asked the driver to wait while I went across the street to grab my badge--which is also my bus pass (he seemed very hesitant to hold up a whole bus full of people, but he did!), and sprinted through 4 lanes of traffic. I found it, all mangled up and ran over. Sprinted back across the 4 lanes and once again awkwardly put my bike on the rack, then had to redo the bike clamp when the driver said it should be on higher. I slightly embarassed about the whole situation, but superly grateful for the nice driver and passengers.

Then, once at TriMet, I went to the side gate to bring my bike around to the back of the building where I had heard rumors of a safe bike rack to use. I used my keycard 4 times on the sensor, it turned green, but would not open. The same busdriver, at the end of his route now and off duty, was walking up and asked me if I needed help (his eyes laughing) when another driver let me in. On top of it all, after heading upstairs and changing out of my biking clothes, I sat down at my computer and noticed a bloody gash on my right leg.

This day better go better than this. Now I need to find a bikepump and play some kickball tonight!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Branches & Byways, a website created by three Multnomah County librarians about interesing places in the Metro area.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tonight I went to the secret music-video release party for The Shins! Oh yeah baby. I found out about it because the bouncer at the Fez, who also happens to be my roommate Sarah, was cool enough to let us know. So Paul, Kate and I attended, trying to blend in with the hipster croud. There were people who had wandered in off the street, some who were there because they were close to the band and the creators of the video (who looked dashing in their suits), and others like us who probably just heard through last minute word of mouth. Over 120 in all.

The video was for their awesome song Saint Simon, and it was shot in "Michoacan, Mexico, a region of mountains where pretty much every Monarch Butterfly in North America migrates to"....the video traced the lifecycle of a butterfly and, sadly, was pretty dull. I was disappointed. Kinda a let down when you imagine in your head this fantastic music video to a great song (I was thinking of something like Beck's), and it turns out to be boring and displaying a slightly awkward feeling through the video. But oh well, the night was a fun experience anyways, and Kate and I spent about an hour playing gin, instead of drinking it. ;o)

Update: Modest Mouse & The Decemberists were there too. coolio.

Monday, August 22, 2005

still looking for wedding reception venues. ideally, we'd like an old cool warehouse. any ideas?
work tomorrow morning. i feel like a little kid at the end of summer vacation: excited about something new [school], but not wanting summer and freedom to end. 40hours/week indoors is not my cup of tea, but it's a good job. and i've been lucky with how everything has worked out. so much mobility and freedom, barely any bills, and lots to look forward to.

Monday, August 15, 2005

13+ hours of driving in one day. Over 600 miles. My oh my that's tiring! But the visit was worthwhile and I'm glad we went.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm sitting in the Saratoga Springs, NY library as I type. Nice town. And I like these Adirondack hills all around. :o) Paul and I started our journey at 5:50am this morning from Norwhich, Connecticut and arrived at Deerfoot (near Speculator, NY) just before 11:00am. Long sleepy drive. In a car with a broken spedometer. Attended the Deerfoot service singing hymns with 100+ boys and men, then went on a quest to find and surprise Jonathan (reading on a beach a few miles away, we luckily found him) who had his day off.

Heading back to Portland tomorrow night with my to-do list not completely checked off. So much still needed. But progress made. And good leads for wedding dresses and mending/alterations to be done. Itinearies half-planned.

I'm most excited about the Dekum/MLKjr house that I am looking at on Tuesday morning if all goes well. Cute place, cheap, and nice location. One block from Nicole. I hope the interior is nice and we sign the lease soon! So anxious.

Happy Birthday Paul!!!! I love you.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

You may have heard of check out earthcaching. Looks neat.

Connecticut is sticky and hot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

crow creek pass (historic iditarod trail)
tomorrow morning through monday: connecticut and possibly ny on sunday
then prineville/central oregon for 4 days.
then portland and starting my 6 months with benefits job on the 22nd.
the days are looking up. smiling again and laughing with my awesome roommates. and with paul. it's goood to be back in the swing of things.

plus all the wedding planning. designing our rings. those little details.

Monday, August 08, 2005

back in portland
long month.