Sunday, March 16, 2008

i made it! i ran (jogged) the entire 5k. hurray. 34:05, just under an 11 minute mile. that's a start.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i have a bruise as big as a football. it's fascinating how colorful it is (the darkest bruise i've ever seen), but scary to think that it's all from internal bleeding...yikes. it's been painful to walk or sit, but getting better.

i'm heading to nyc a week from tomorrow. or more precisely, first to southeastern connecticut to spend two days with paul's parents and then sunday-thursday in the city. i've only been to nyc for one weekend before, back in college, on a whim. it was one of the best weekends of my much fun. i'm excited to go back, and to explore different places with paul. paul is heading there for an academic conference, so much of the time i will be a solo adventurer. any suggestions on where i must go?

Monday, March 10, 2008

i feel down a flight of stairs this evening. i am ok, but very bruised. snow is my culprit and savior. ice on the top step sent my tumbling down 10 more, but i landed in partially compacted snow at the bottom which damped my fall. i thought i had broken something at first, but ended up just in shock and pain.

luckily i believe that tomorrow will be the last day of ice. it's finally going to get above freezing and this foot+ of snow will melt! the snowiest iciest winter ever will finally come to an end.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

this morning i finished the last harry potter book. done with the series. and i had to finish the last fourth of the book fast because it was due yesteday and on paul's library account, where i had already racked up $6.30 in fines. i am so money-conscious grocery shopping, and clothes shopping, but for some reason i end up donating loads to the library. the portland library wasn't so much of a problem because i got an email 3 days before items were due as a reminder, but the madison one does not have this smart feature.

so what should i read next? i have no book in line and i feel naked without something to read. i should probably grab something from our bookshelves only 20 feet away from where i sit, since we have probably at least 200 books, but i'm just not sure what.
i'm watching oprah's big give as i type this. this show is so makes me cry every 5 minutes! i can't help it.