Sunday, June 30, 2002

Lemonade smoothie with such a native Alaskan gentleman. Church canceled tonight. Went out to the University Coffee Shop instead. 24 hours off now. no plans.
Love is Patient
Getting frusterated. "Attention attention attention. i demand your attention asap." Well, I don't have that much patience, nor energy, sorry. I wish I could say that. But I can't give in to my complaining and frustration. Love is patient, love is kind...... Patience is first, and so should be on the list of my priorities. Love is patient, and I should be loving these students at all times. Hmmm. it's so hard!

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Germany won 1-0 over South Korea. Hmm. Not what I would have liked, but it's not a big deal I guess. Now it's the Brazil--Turkey match. It's also 1:20am Alaska Time and I'm exhausted. I did watch the first 26 minutes, which were scoreless, and then somehow I just pulled myself away from the television. It was so hard to turn it off. Go Brazil. Sleep is more important than soccer? Usually not, but tonight yes. Say it ain't so.
Upward Bound Dance
The dance was fun. Almost. But I also almost cried. Twenty minutes to go and all I could think about was Mark. In the middle of the dancefloor I stopped dancing. People stared at me. I hadn't even realized I'd stopped until someone asked why. Memories flooding back. I miss his smile, his smirk, his silliness. I miss his dancing. I miss his flirting. His sweetness. I miss you boy. So much. But you know that.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Stumbling upon this article today. I keep gaining more and more respect for Blogger. They're running this service out of a kitchen in San Francisco. wow.
It's True!
So I just took a test online to fit the "perfect city" to my life. And guess what popped out as #1! You guessed it: Portland. And NO, I didn't cheat! There were a lot of questions to the city quiz and I answered all of them truthfully.
Here are my results:
1.) Portland, Oregon City of Roses, Population: 1,163,000 | Average Home Price: $182,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 5"
2.) Eugene, Oregon The Emerald City, Population: 200,000 | Average Home Price: $165,000 | Precipitation: 48" | Snow: 7"
3.) Seattle, Washington The Emerald City, Population: 2,315,000 | Average Home Price: $193,000 | Precipitation: 35" | Snow: 15"
4.) Albuquerque, New Mexico The Pulse of New Mexico, Population: 560,000 | Average Home Price: $150,000 | Precipitation: 8" | Snow: 15"
5.) Little Rock, Arkansas Where America Comes Together, Population: 555,000 | Average Home Price: $101,000 | Precipitation: 48" | Snow: 5"
6.) Hartford, Connecticut The Insurance Capital, Population: 825,000 | Average Home Price: $155,000 | Precipitation: 41" | Snow: 42"
7.) Corvallis, Oregon Heart of the Willamette Valley, Population: 55,000 | Average Home Price: $157,000 | Precipitation: 43" | Snow: 6"
8.) Salem, Oregon The Heart of Oregon, Population: 163,000 | Average Home Price: $136,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 6"
9.) Baltimore, Maryland The Sparkling Harbor City, Population: 700,000 | Average Home Price: $130,000 | Precipitation: 40" | Snow: 18"
10.) New Haven, Connecticut Home of Yale University, Population: 523,000 | Average Home Price: $198,000 | Precipitation: 43" | Snow: 30"
11.) Fayetteville, Arkansas Light of the Ozarks, Population: 65,000 | Average Home Price: $134,000 | Precipitation: 42" | Snow: 10"
12.) Tacoma, Washington Port City of the Cascades, Population: 360,000 | Average Home Price: $153,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 16"
13.) Medford, Oregon Gateway to the Pacific Northwest, Population: 89,000 | Average Home Price: $134,000 | Precipitation: 19" | Snow: 8"
14.) Bend, Oregon Oregon’s Natural Playground, Population: 50,000 | Average Home Price: $165,000 | Precipitation: 12" | Snow: 34"
15.) Washington, District of Columbia The World's Greatest Capital, Population: 4,675,000 | Average Home Price: $211,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 16"
16.) Providence, Rhode Island New England’s Best Kept Kept Secret, Population: 650,000 | Average Home Price: $128,000 | Precipitation: 48" | Snow: 32"
17.) Charleston, West Virginia The Home of Hospitality, Population: 53,000 | Average Home Price: $137,000 | Precipitation: 41" | Snow: 26"
18.) Danbury, Connecticut Small-Town Charm Near the Big Apple, Population: 70,000 | Average Home Price: $172,000 | Precipitation: 39" | Snow: 50"
19.) Bellingham, Washington The Victorian Seaport, Population: 67,000 | Average Home Price: $165,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 7"
20.) Santa Cruz, California Fun on the Central Coast, Population: 53,000 | Average Home Price: $329,000 | Precipitation: 29" | Snow: 0"
21.) Ventura, California The Buena Coast, Population: 99,000 | Average Home Price: $224,000 | Precipitation: 12" | Snow: 0"
22.) Frederick, Maryland Where The Past Comes Alive, Population: 77,000 | Average Home Price: $137,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 21"
23.) Santa Fe, New Mexico Jewel of the Southwest, Population: 68,000 | Average Home Price: $205,000 | Precipitation: 14" | Snow: 29"
24.) Kent, Washington The Heart of Puget Sound, Population: 73,000 | Average Home Price: $149,000 | Precipitation: 35" | Snow: 15"
Blog Networking
Tonight I randomly clicked on a featured blog on the blogger main site. "The Date Project" and surprisingly discovered that the guy is also from the City of Roses. I don't know why, but whenever someone is even remotely connected with Portland or the Pacific Northwest, I just feel some kind of instant connection. Those of your close to me know what I mean. And you laugh. I know. ;o) Anyways, I happened to spare a moment or two and email him (no, not because I'm looking for a date!) to invite him into the portlandbloggers listserve. I hope he joins. I think the only real way that we can make this Portland Blog community grow is by word-of-mouth, which on the internet translates most closely to personal emails. So I feel it's my duty to try to seek out Portland blogs and invite people to join. Tonight was my first attempt at recruiting. But that sounds dumb to say. Really, I just want to form a blog community in which we can all interact and have a little fun. The Portland group is having monthly meetings, but since I haven't been back to Portland yet (and got whisked away to Alaska for a few weeks) I've still yet to meet up with my fellow Rose City bloggers.
We're (the few people on the listserve at the moment) attempting to make a website that is sort-of like a community blog networking thing. Hmm. Actually I don't know exactly how to describe it, cuz it hasn't exactly evolved yet. But the process is underway and moving fast.
Which reminds me of another thing I've been meaning to blog about....You know what I wish. That blogger would make a little tool that would connect blogs easier. Like dairyland does. (see Ashley's profile in her blog as an example) For instance, in diaryland a profile is linked to your blog and then in your profile you say, Hometown: Portland. And Portland is then linked to every other diaryland blog that links Portland. Same goes for favorite bands, favorite writers, etc. It's a fun way to meet other people. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. Hmm. Maybe time to take a little action and somehow email blogger with a suggestion. But that's just a little too much energy for me tonight. And I still have some snail mail letters to write. Goodnight all.
No mail. Sun out. not my day off though of course. making tea for a friend. jesse's last day tomorrow. the big dance too.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Bad WakeUp Call
Another girl sent home today. And one of our R.E.'s was even sent on the plane with her all the way to Anchorage just to make sure she didn't run away when she got there. Serious. And that's how I woke up from my 18 hours of sleep (it was my day off so I got to sleep in)...her blasting music and rolling her suitcases down the hallway.
Tonight for clan night Jared and I took our clan to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission. We helped serve food to some needy/homeless people and then helped clean up. The funny thing was that the food that we ate there was so much better than the dorm food served at the Wood Center. At the Fairbanks Rescue Mission we were treated to an awesome dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes (gravy...though I abstained), corn, rolls, really good home-made stuffing, and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Everyone was so full. I felt like it was Thanksgiving dinner!
The kids seemed to really enjoy it...some even said that this was their favorite clan night yet (clan night is every Wednesday from 6-9pm). And then we still had an hour to kill when we got done. So we drove back to the dorms where I picked up $100 in petty cash. I had no expectations or any idea about what we were going to do with it. And then Jared drove into the Fred Meyer parking lot. Hmmm. We were all puzzled. We loaded out and then got the spend the money on Harry...the cook/director of the Fairbanks Rescue Mission. First stop, watch section. He had broken his watch the day before so we picked him up an excellent pocket watch. I personally loved it. Then Jared came dancing over with a balloon and also picked up a box of assorted jellybellies. What a random but nice gift. We drove back to the Fairbanks Rescue Mission and then tracked down Harry to give him his gift. He looked pleased.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

As most of my friends know. I love receiving mail. Especially handwritten letters and random packages. The last three days have been awesome because each time I check my P.O. Box it has held a new surprise! First a letter from Paul, a surprise letter from Koren in Florida, a surprise letter from Maya in the Bronx, and I just opened a package from Andy in Chicago. It included:
*See's chocolate candies in the shape of American coins (11)
*A Chicago Cubs hat
*A tshirt with the periodic table of elements printed colorfully on it
*A used golf frisbee "#1 Driver Maximum Distance Flyer, B-25, PDGA Approved, From Lightening Discs"
*A picture of Mark gleefully peeing on a smoking log in the forest (which I'm told is from the GeoUnion '01 spring Canoe trip outing)
*A picture of a Nova Scotia sunset
*A CD holder. Unzipping this I find a blank CD inside with "Play Me" written on it. (a mixed CD)
*New Replica 18th Century Playing Cards (these are awesome!)
*A mini thermometer
*A small black, hardbound journal

Thank you so much for the mail!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

My blog is at 1,000 visits. Pretty good considering I made it "private" until two days ago and most of my friends still don't know about it. I wonder where everyone is coming from? I wish I could remember my Counted number, then I could find out.
It's Rough
Tacks used to scrape out rough words and letters into the skin. To poke through until it hurts. Self-abuse due to frusteration. Sneaking around. Emotionally unstable. Homesick. Angry. Crying in the bathroom. Smoking, skipping, slander. Gossip. Attitude. All in one night. I can't even explain. I don't think I ever could.

This is the hardest job I've ever encountered.

A letter from Paul today. The first. Just the simple handwriting on the page makes me smile. Reading it again may be the only way I am able to mind is wandering to scary places. I'm worried for these kids.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Bike Ride With Me!
THIS IS AWESOME! Who's up for it? Free movies, free admission to the Portland Art Museum, and so much more! !! Let's do it all.
I wish i wish i wish i could do this. Amy's dad did it so why can't I? ;o)

Also good sites I found:
Running Time: 5k
My Mosquito Meander time: 27:30.9 for the 5k. Meaning that I ran a 8:52 mile. Not bad, but definitely not good. At least I improved a bit for my 10k. Which I still don't know the exact time on. But it was about 55 minutes, meaning that I almost exactly doubled my 5k time. I ran under the name "Jared Mixon"--who is my co-worker and partner for the Journalism Clan. He was a registered walker, so I actually won first place under the Men 20 to 29 Walker category.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
by Sherman Alexie. Cussing, fighting, sex, drugs. The kids love reading this book. We just started. Every Sunday night study hall here is a little different and the fourteen of us in our Journalism clan spend the first thirty minutes reading aloud as a group, so tonight we began reading the first fourteen pages or so. I think this book is going to be a great read for them...with lots of things to relate to. The book centers in on Spokane Indian culture on the reservation and the movie Smoke Signals is based off the story...we'll be watching that soon in class. Our last book was also a great pick: The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisnos. I highly reccomend both of these books. They're short quick brevity imagination inspiring.
The mosquitos love me.
Jared danced the salsa dance today, with salsa.
Chena Lake Park is relaxing.
The soreness is gone. Quick.
The soreness feels good. Happy pain. Healthy pain.
Church was good today again. Brad and the gang left without me, minutes early, but they didn't realize I was coming again I guess. Good thing Blassi came down a bit later and we headed to his church. Covenant. The people were so friendly, so nice. It was a happy little community. Ty is so great. The greatest supervisor there is. Taking over for us all this morning. He knows we need sleep. Need church. Need time off.
Now the decision. To go to the latino picnic. To salsa dance. Or give my feet a rest?
Midnight Sun Run
I just finished running a 10k!!!! Hurray for summer solstice in Alaska. I love running at midnight. It's The Midnight Sun Run. I thought I was going to walk but I ended up running the entire way-- 6.2 miles in a little over 55 minutes. It was really fun. And actually the last two miles were very easy...I thought that I could run much longer. The fourth mile was the hardest of all but the crowd during the entire race was excellent. People lined the street and played their own guitars and sang, handed out water, put out lots of sprinkers, tons of squirt guns, blasted music. It seemed like everyone in town who wasn't running decided to throw a party and watch the run. It was very encouraging.
Our entire program decided to dress up. We bought hundred of dollars worth of tattoos, gel, hair-spray, hair coloring, body glitter, ribbons, color gel and many more hair accessories. And then went crazy dressing and decorating each other up. It was so much fun! I took some pictures of myslef, ask me later when I develop them to check them out....I think they'll be pretty cool. My hair was high and super poofy up on my head in a little bob-thing-a-ma-jig, with present-wrapping ribbons and gelled with tons of colors so my hair was stiff. My entire body had glitter all over on every piece of skin showing. I wore a blue leopard print tank top and purple shiny shorts. Many of the little girls along the run loved my attire..and I got lots of smiles and yells from the crowd.
Actually, one of the best parts of the night was returning back to the dorms where we ordered over $200 worth of pizza for everyone and then had a dance party in the basement of the dorm for two more hours. Some of the kids were wiped out and so tired that they just sat on the couches, but for the most part everyone was dancing like crazy....including all of us RE's. I had so much fun dancing around with the students. A great end to a tiring night. Hopefully everyone will sleep in this morning!

Saturday, June 22, 2002

It's a hall dance party. I love my 4th floor girls. Especially before bedtime.

Friday, June 21, 2002

Harley Adventure
Riding a Harley is much more fun that I thought it would be. Today was my day off and so my great-uncle Sam came and picked me up from the dorm. We went to Jay Bird's for lunch, which was ok food (similar to Red Robin's) but pretty sleezy. Sitting in the smoking section was no fun and there were these television screens at each booth for people to gamble while they sat and ate. It made me want to throw up to see that. You'd think that coming to a restaurant would be a good experience to sit and talk, but no, people just sat with each other and ate while gambling. sick.
Mark met us at the restaurant. My dad's cousin (my great-uncle's son), I have no idea what his official title is in relation to me. I am his second cousin, but what is he to me? Asking around there seems to be no conclusion. I guess I've met Mark once before in my life. 20 years ago when I was first born. He's a really nice guy, but one of those people who most would be intimidated by at first site. Kinda big. Long hair. Beard. Tattoos all over. And rides a mean black awesome Harley.
When we came back from the restaurant to my great-aunt and uncle's house the first thing Sam did was get out his camera and told me to hop on. Decked out in a leather jacket and black helmet I jumped on and smiled, giggling like crazy. A couple of snaps of the camera and then we were off. It was awesome!
He started off slow at first, gently riding down the block. And then we got going faster and faster and faster, until hitting about 65mph (equal to the temperature's been bad weather these past coupla days). Turning corners was the best part, feeling the lean of the bike. It was surprisingly comfortable. Black leather, vey cushy. Listening to Alice in Chains.....made the ride even more enjoyable.
What an end to my day off! Right when I was thinking that there'd be no excitement. Makes me want to buy a Harley and start wearing more leather. Sam told me that Mark actually even has an electric leather outfit and gloves which he can plug in if he gets cold. How cool is that? But he said that he had the most amazing ride up here from Seattle. It took four days and it was sunny with not a cloud in the sky until he got 40 miles below fairbanks and then there was some light rain. Amazing for such a long trip. I'd like to do that some day. I'd imagine that the ride from Seattle to Fairbanks (central Alaska for those of you geographically challenged) woudl be one of the most scenic and beautiful rides ever. Mark said that he took 4 disposable cameras and used them all up...taking pictures of deer, caribou, moose, fox, elk...and also, right when he got over into the Alaska border he got bitten by a mosquito. Seems like all those annoying bugs love to give everyone a welcoming right away.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Her pregnancy test turned out negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurray.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Reindeer Corraling
One of the students here told me all about reindeer corraling today. That's what her father does for a living. Except the past two years he hasn't been able to get enough reindeer so he helps out with his two neighbors who also corral. Right now is the time that they do it. First they round all of the reindeer up into one huge pile, then slowly they divide them up into littler piles. Then, taking each pile, they force them into a little shoot where someone grabs them and cuts off their antlers. A rubber band is placed around the stubs of their heads where the antlers were to stop the blood so that they don't bleed to death. Their ears are clipped, and they are marked with red and white tags for her father's reindeer and white and black tags for her neighbor's. Then they are released back again. She said that she's really sad right now because she wants to be home helping with the corraling with her father. She says that it's really really fun and that you get mud covered all over you and lots of blood. And when you're done for the day you just jump right into the river...the river that is clean, clear fresh water. Fresh enough that you can just drink out of it. The same girl telling me this is the girl that always looks "cute" with high heeled shoes, perfectly gelled short hair, makeup. It's kinda funny to think of her doing this. I wish I could join in though. It sounds like quite and experience.
Strong Girls
Drugs, sex, rape, abuse, prison, bail, alcoholism, gangs, violence, fights, abortions, close family and friends dying needlessly, abuse from cops, so much responsibility heaped onto their shoulders at such a young age. I can hardly grasp what these girls are telling me....what they've gone through. They are so strong. And so young.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Yep, He's Fired
Our Hall Director for the program got fired. Well, at least that's what we're telling the kids. ;o) Really he's just on vacation back home for 3 days, but Coby started a rumor that he was fired and now all the kids believe it. Even the teachers are talking about it in their classes. We've started a "petition to get Ty back" and the kids are really upset that he's fired. He has no idea, and comes back Wednesday, so we're thinking of throwing him a party when he comes back. And the kids will think that they brought him back with their petition. But then, after that, they're never going to trust us again.
Sunday was long. And the students are almost in bed! hurray! Today I attended a church "Friends Church" which is very similar in style to Hyde Park Vineyard. It was great. And all of the kids that came along seemed to also love it. :o) Today was a bit tiring, but fun too. I'm really starting to get to know the girls a lot better. With 60 kids it's still very hard with names for me, but I think I'm doing pretty well. Since I have to be up at 5:50am tomorrow morning I think I'm going to keep my blog short and get to bed....hopefully one of these days I'll be able to update a lot more. G'night all.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

I just noticed this on my online transcript. Though I never got an email saying that I passed or failed the spanish competency exam, I think this is a good sign!!!! Oh what a nice day today!!!! :o)
I finished the 5k Mosquito Meander! Running! hurray!!!!!!!!! :o)
no time to type. these 24 hours have gone by so slow, and yet so fast. it's hard to explain. i can't believe i've only been here for a day. i can't believe this program is so awesome. it's so excellent. and the staff i'm working with is awesome! so much to talk about but i must sleep. i have to run a 5k tomorrow. and i'm so sleep deprived it's not funny.

Friday, June 14, 2002

CONTACT INFO (until approx July 23rd)
University of Alaska--Fairbanks
PO Box 750596
Fairbanks, Alaska

Write me! I love mail!!!!!

Over 75 names to memorize. My oh my what a hard task for me.
lol.i have no idea what time it is in alaska, so i have to post a blog to find out this morning.
I'M HERE!!!! In Fairbanks again. After 5 years. It's great to be back. And the boys that I'm working with seem awesome (from the 30 minute short talk we had in the car and moving in). And now i'm done with 13 hours of traveling and finally here in the dorm....the same one that i stayed in when i attended UBM/S. oh the memories. ;o)

i'm so excited to meet everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far the staff seems awesome! especially this guy jared that i'm teamed up with (we share a clan of students...the journalism clan).

ok. more to come soon. i'm back online! ohhhhhhhhh i love the ethernet.

i have one hour until I'm supposed to be up jogging. 6:30am every morning! hehehe.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

internet at the library. i have 2 minutes and 20 seconds to post a blog. what to say? i'm leaving in 24 hours for alaska. everything is falling into place at the very last second. it's crazy. and crazy travelng too. but i'm excited.... i'll be at university of alaska fairbanks.

ok gotta go. more posts hopefully in th enext week. from alaska.

Monday, June 10, 2002

who would have thought? Leaving for FAIRBANKS, ALASKA! in the next 24 hours if i can find a decent ticket. back the end of July...more info to come later..... this is exciting but sad too. i kinda wanted to stay inPortland. but this is the best job ever for the summer!

Sunday, June 09, 2002

I am weary.

Friday, June 07, 2002

to bed i go
8:18pm. a new record?
anyone want to call and wish me sweet dreams?

Thursday, June 06, 2002

discovering thing you never even knew you had.
too much stuff in one tiny room.
how is that possible?
Two lovely lady's adventure
ocean's 11. oh so much better the second time through. especially at Doc. Especially posing to be a 4th year.
downtown today with arline was absolutley fabulous. We met the Wizard of Oz, so-to-say, and she'll be going back to take pictures cuz he was so handsome. ;o) Explored the Arts Bldg behind the Artist's Cafe on Michigan Ave. It was old. So old that the elevevators were operated by little guys who sat inside and took you to the different floors. You got to flag them down while outside. We were the first to a new exhibit. Who would have known the pleasant artist actually lives on 54th and Hyde Park blvd. We were his first viewers. impressive. and so was the little terrance with tile mosiac in the middle of the building. a little hideaway no one knows is there from outside. we ate strawberries. critiqued the work. said adieu and kept walking. merchandize mart for coffee until we were kicked out cuz it was too late. we had no idea of time. who needs a watch anyways? back to the coop for some tea and sushi. a great day.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

zoo today. with bob. enjoyable.
i will write more tomorrow. :oP

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

atjarrett (3:51:41 AM): In Nova Scotia Kristy discovered that she liked fishing. In Connecticut Kristy can go fishing at Bridgeport. And if rocks are what she's after, Kristy could go hiking in Ten Mile River Gorge, Prospect Mountain, Rands View, the Housatonic River and Great Falls. If she's looking for culture then the Mark Twain House is for Kristy. This National Historic Landmark is the fascinating Victorian mansion where Mark Twain wrote his most famous books. Then she could be off to Hartford's Riverfront Plaza and a cruise on the triple-deck Mark Twain . In the evening our Kristy can catch a show at the Bushnell or head back to the river for a Tequila Sunset Music Cruise. And if that weren't enough she would be doing all of this with her boy. For these and other adventures throughout the contiguous United States please contact your local Andy for travel details.

Monday, June 03, 2002

4:50am. Can I cram more physics into my tiny brain before 10 ? Can I survive without sleep. I think so! Let's hope.
tonight is pure sadness

Sunday, June 02, 2002

My Travel Plans
leave portland Sept 2nd to chicago to ICELAND to wisconsin to chicago to INDIA to chicago to portland to HAWAII to portland and then back to school for winter quarter of 2003 in January. wow.
Waking up still tired is no fun. But it is a nice day! Slightly overcast, a little cold, but it's just the right temperature. I would like to go on a run. Emily Martin would be rejoicing for me today if she was here. I don't know if I'm rejoicing or not though. The countdown begins til physics: exactly 24 hours and I'll be done! My new RH's for next year don't seem so friendly, but all I'm judging them by is emails. Then again, if someone just pictured me by my emails or webblog I doubt they'd know me really at all. I'm a bit upset about the lighting petition. I got 66 signatures from Tufts and Henderson and the guy who volunteered to do Shorey and Thompson flaked out and did ZERO. zero! Guess what I'll be doing this week? Getting more signatures. I'll just be frequenting all the study breaks in the dorm. ;o)
It's Official
Want to know why it's officially summer now? Because last night I got 2 mosquito bites on my legs from walking around in a skirt. Luckily here they're not the state bird as they are in Alaska, so they're not so bad. But that proclaims the start of summer for me. ;o)

Saturday, June 01, 2002

Regenstein Library
The Reg is no fun no fun no fun, so I take a "studybreak" to blog. ;o) All these people with their noses in books, studying like crazy. It's a Saturday. The Blues fest is downtown, the HPAF is going on. There are all kinds of things on campus, and it's 90 degrees and beautiful outside. And we're all cramped in on the A-level. On one hand it kinda gives me a healthy happy feeling to be so studious and to be filling my brain with much needed physics knowledge (though I still detest it), but on the other it seems sad to be here. 42 hours to go!
The Hyde Park Arts Fair was way overpriced, but that of course was to be expected. I just meandered around with Sudeep the fisherman (with his hat), and we stopped and looked a bit at stuff but bought nothing. Sweat was dripping off of everything, it's 88 degree right now and direct sun, and the freshly-squeezed lemonade line was about 50 people long. So I settled for a Jones Soda--bugjuice at Univ. Market. There was one thing I was so tempted to buyat the fair. A really neat bracelet. Made with the end of two spoons with a bead in the middle. It sounds silly, but it's really cool, when you see it. She had some ugly ones there but there was one really realy really beautiful one, but it's $36! yikes.
Well, it's now time for me to get my study on at the Reg or the 'Rar. I intensely dislike studying in libraries here for some reason, but it's the only way I will be able to accomplish anythign on this beautiful shut myself into an allergy-free, windowless room or cubicle and become aquainted with my physics textbook once again. No fun no fun. But Monday at 12:30 I will be DONE! So the pain will only last for a few more hours. ;o)
Ruthie, I lied to you last night, the Hyde Park Arts Fair is this weekend!
Nuclear War
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf: ``I don't think either side is that irresponsible to go to that limit,'' Musharraf told CNN. ``I would even go to the extent of saying one shouldn't even be discussing these things, because any sane individual cannot even think of going into this unconventional war, whatever the pressures....We've called for a no-war pact (with India), that there shouldn't be any war,'' he said. ``We've called for denuclearization of South Asia, so we've called for a reduction of forces.''
A government advisory that Americans should leave India was unnecessary, despite tension with Pakistan over disputed territory, the Indian ambassador to the United States said Friday. ``I don't think the situation justifies asking Americans to leave India,'' he said. ``I have told the State Department that this shouldn't be seen as a sign of panic because there is no such thing in India. ... There is no panic.''
Let's hope that they're telling the truth.
No Plans
Oh my! I have NO plans whatsoever from the afternoon of june 2nd through until the morning of june 7th. This is crazy! I haven't had so much free time in ages. Besides packing and saying goodbye I think this will be so relaxing, and a great opportunity to just go explore! The possibilities are endless.......
I really like her blog, check it out.
Another Nonsense Run-in with the CPD
it's so hard to say goodbye to 4th years. IVCF picnic tonight. kyle had a party. rj stopped by to chat. i miss them already! today was EXPO for the geophysical dept. i was supposed to wake up early. but after staying up pretty late last night to do a whole bunch of stuff i decided to sleep in. i felt bad cuz i missed a whole bunch of talks, including Ellen's and Bob's. after EXPO i went to Washington Park to play softball for D.o.G.S. It was funny except the cops came halfway to the game and tried to kick us out of the park. 4 of them! and they brought the paddy wagon too! with all the crime that goes on around here you'd think the least of their worries is people playing happily in a public park on the softball fields!!! we were pretty upset. they stopped the game and everything. and told us to go away. but we didn't. and the little park guy came on his little mobile and told us that people were comign to play in 30 minutes and we'd better get out of the park. yah right! he completely lied. and the cops were jerks. but after the park guy went away we solved the situation by having a cute girl on our team go over and sweet talk the cops into letting us use the field. the cops were like....ok...but don't tell anyone we said anything. See what a little batting the eyelashes can do?!