Friday, November 19, 2004

Off to Connecticut until the 29th!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. :o)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

This is one of the saddest things I've ever heard in my life.
This American Life: "Apology", Act II, 11/5/04

sapphire hotel with Y tonight, who I haven't seen in over 4 years. nice smiles & talk, and a yummy orange drop, which i actually liked! i definitely want to hang out more.
all i can think about is the job that i really really REALLY want. I'm qualified for it, and it's in Portland, and it's so so perfect. Please oh please at least look at my application. i need a job. i need to stay here.
19-29 in connecticut. i'm so ready.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am so adrenaline rushed right now. You have no idea how much I wish I was on the amazing race for this first episode. I would ROCK! They started out in CHICAGO at Buckinham Fountain, then had to find the blue line to get to the airport, take one of 3 flights to ICELAND (Rekyavik), drive to a certain waterfall, then to Vatnajokull (Europe's largest glacier), then to the Blue Lagoon. I HAVE BEEN TO every single one OF THESE PLACES!!! crazy. Next I'm sure they'll head to India and Thailand, just out of spite for Kate and I. Oh my, we would have rocked. It's kinda scary how much adrenaline I have running through my body right now, I'm shaking. And this is only from eerie. I wish I was at the Blue Lagoon right now to take away the stress.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

mmm. i made a yummy dinner tonight: Chicken in Red Curry Ginger Sauce.
connecting with old friends is so good. aim is such a good way to reconnect.
carrie has a blog!
and sometime soon, i promise. my posts won't be garbage. i'll be coherent again.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I was just watching Nature: Shark Mountain on OPB (ps. i love public broadcasting) and it reminds me of snorkeling in the bahamas, especially one trip out to the big dropoff. even though it was silly i remember being more afraid of the sting rays and sun rays than the barracuda that i saw. or the sharks.
time for adventure. guam keeps reappearing as an option. i think the ocean is calling me, whether it be the NOAA, fishcounting in the Gulf of Alaska, on the Oregon Coast, or off to some remote place. options are open.
tomorrow i have work off. what should i do?
MLS Cup 2004. DC vs KC, it's so exciting! I love soccer.
I've seemed to have lost all passion for writing job applications, even though the opportunities I want to apply for are pretty sweet. 3 are due tomorrow and I there's tons to do. What I don't get is why some places will NOT accept resumes or coverletters and only let you put down limited info on the paper app. How will they even know anything about me? Reminds me of the UCLA college app, which I thought was crap.
My parents are on a free wine tour through the Willamette a limosine! Surprise bday for a close friend.
it's getting harder and harder to type.
8 hours of shopping today. so tiring. and no luck. one cheap pair of black pants and that's it. well, and a wedding present for Mike&Amy (i made the saleslady look up the item ID number and find it in the storeroom...she didn't even know it existed). i love the present! i hope they like it too.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

NOAA Corps. never knew about them until today. very interesting. it's like the science military. weird and cool. i'm tempted. and not.
i thought you were smarter than that? you're stupid. it's not what catholics believe, it's catholic doctrine. i still love you. and i, you.
mille bornes tonight with nathan and kate. i had forgotten about that game. even though i lost pitifully it was fun. thanks for the surprise visit guys!
one more week.
depression, communication and natural remedies. i'm so interested in naturopathic medicine.

Friday, November 12, 2004

2pm. Grand Bridge over I-84. I was there. so scary. But I didn't see it happen, thank goodness. Although at the same time I feel sad that I didn't notice him and try to stop him. If only I had looked left.
One week until vacation. I can hang in there, but it's so boring. The perfect job requires work experience. I hate the phraze "it's good for your resume", even though I find myself saying it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

tickets bought. and canceled. and rebought. stupid process.
scheduling out the month. i could be so much more efficient at work. but the problem is that there's no more work to do. and as it is i'm working slow. and work will need to be scrounged up for me to do next week at this rate. the slower the better. the slower the better. that makes no sense to me. i want to work fast and get the project done, efficiently, smoothly, correctly. but no. i'm stuck working parttime as SLOW as i can. hopefully during the second phaze things can start hurrying up. And fulltime finally. This whole hourly-wage process leaves much to be desired. I mean, the slower you work, the more money you get. What's up with that?? Especially when it's government $.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

the girl with the pearl earring is that 70s show girl? really? troutlet is better than woodburn. today's highlight was Harry & Davids and cheerful movie helpers/salesmen. flights are so freakin expensive. over $500 just for one short visit? yikes. a whole two weeks of last job's work (a month of this one?). but it's worth it. emails from unexpected people, and no contact with others who live in the same city. who i miss. laziness. carelessness. i hope he's not in fallujah, but he is, i'm almost sure (of course they cannot say). i'd love to kayak. active. alaskan adventure minus bear trouble. no desk work. i miss the fieldwork. rite in the rain on OPB. mine is only 50% full.

Monday, November 08, 2004


Saturday, November 06, 2004

i'm over at nicole's. this morning they had a garage sale and i came over with some stuff. made $85, pretty good. more to sell tomorrow.
tough guise with kate & elise.
lunch with craig in pioneer courthouse square.
working at metro.
the highlights of my week.

but hiding out is no good. and i am disapointed in people who consider themselves "tolerant" and "open minded" but can't accept differing opinions. and making generalizations about people. you don't want to be labeled & neither do i; especially based on faith or tradition. and conversely, it doesn't seem right to affix ideologies/political views onto a certain faith or religious group and hate the people and the faith because of it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

last night was not fun. but i didn't cry. i wonder what that means.

i miss you.

and today is the last day at work at trimet. i'm going to miss it here. and yes, the free bus pass too.
I can't belive OR Measure 37 passed. This is so bad for urban planning. People can totally take advantage of this new law and screw everything up. I hope it's tied up in the courts for a long time. Yikes.
Here's the official text and arguments in the voter's manual for those of you who care.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

my prediction: bush wins the popular vote and kerry the electorial.
already Oregon, two days before the election had officially 68% turnout.....and that's voting early! (we vote by mail)'s expected to reach at least 80%. I'm also happy to say that my entire household has already voted early. even my sister, who said she wasn't going to vote. it'll be interesting to hear if my aunt and uncle voted this election. they're in the 50's and have never voted before (i'm not sure if they're even registered).

two more days at trimet. i'm kinda sad. but metro will be fun. nice coworkers. and friday i saw 3D printing! imagine that. printers are now in 3D. i had no idea. i saw a mini replica of mt. st. helens to scale! amazing. here's a 3D printing demo in case you want to see basic info on how one kind of 3D printing works.